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Guaranteed Pricing. We Never Raise Your Rate.

Senior with his family.Family Care is committed to providing exceptional medical alert service with low, fair pricing that is guaranteed for life.  We certainly are not the lowest priced medical alarm but our low price along with clear and simple terms make us the best medical alert for seniors.

It is important to us to have pricing that makes medical alert service within reach of more people.  This is the same reason that our pricing will not change for existing customers. We think it is the responsible thing to do and fits with the vision and goals of our company.

Sure, some people will always think you get what you pay for so if you pay more, you get more but, Family Care matches every other premier medical alarm provider and in many ways we surpass them, and for less.  Judge for yourself.




Important Benefits of FamilyCare™

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  Your monthly rate is guaranteed and will never increase.

 check mark Your medical alert and pendant are provided at NO charge to you.

check mark  You can cancel at any time.

check mark  All new orders are shipped free right to your door.

check mark  We don’t charge an Activation fee for any of our services, period.

  check markYou just pay for monitoring to start right now, there’s NO unexpected fees!


The Best Medical Alert for Seniors 

Medica alert system on table with vase.Millions of seniors and their families rely on medical alarms everyday and many more have trusted in them since they were introduced more than 40 years ago. This simple device has saved countless lives. Your decision to use a medical alarm may not be an easy one, we understand and we want to make your search for a medical alarm as easy as we possibly can.

From your first call to Family Care we think you will notice the difference. We are a medical alarm company and this is all we do. We are not a sales and marketing company so, if you call us to ask a few questions, you will not be asked to provide your name or phone number or tell us how you found us.  There is no pressure, instead, we will simply answer your questions, honestly and directly.

Our low pricing reflects our commitment to being a medical alarm company. It isn’t a sale price or a gimmick on your first bill.  It is the price you pay and will always pay. Our pricing is based on the price we have always offered to hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. In fact, Family Care was originally developed for healthcare professionals who recommend medical alarms to their patients. They want simple pricing that doesn’t change and that doesn’t require a long-term commitment. We offer you the same today.

There are many good medical alarm companies and we hope you consider Family Care Medical Alarms to be one of them. Please continue to look through our web site and, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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