How It Works 


*wearable help button must be within range of the medical alarm console.


Using your medical alarm

Your medical alarm has been designed to be simple and easy to use. The medical alarm has two main components, the console or base station and the wearable pendant.   The base station plugs into your phone line and into power, that’s it.  There is no need to pay for expensive installation.    It includes a powerful speaker and ultra sensitive microphone so our operators can hear you in other parts of your home during an emergency.  Some people ask, “what if they can’t hear me?”  Not to worry, if we can’t hear you we will treat this as an emergency and send help.  This is one of the many advantages of having a medical alarm.  Other devices, like cell phones, do not offer this level of protection.

The wearable pendant has an open field range of more than a football field in every direction from the base station.  When in your home the range will be less than a football field but remains impressive and allows you to summon help at the press of a button throughout your home.   The wearable button has a battery that will last years and if it ever needs replaced it will cost you nothing.  Unlike a cell phone it never needs charging, which could leave you unprotected while it is charging.

Also, your wearable pendant is fully waterproof.  Wear it in the shower or tub, or while washing the car or dishes.   There is no reason to take it off.  It is designed to be on you so that even if in the middle of the night you need help, you only have to press the button.

On the back of the base station is an extra phone plug so that you can plug your personal phone into the medical alarm.  The benefit of this is that the phone plugged into our base station will be protected by line seizure.  This means that if that phone is off-hook or in use then the medical alarm will still be able to call our monitoring center.  It is important to note that this line seizure is only provided to the phone plugged into our base station.* 


* In order to have full home line seizure it is recommended you have an RJ31X device installed by your telephone provider.