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When comparing Family Care Medical Alarms you’ll see how much different we are than other companies that sell similar service. Not only do we offer the most affordable service, we also take pride in the fact that our terms of service, monitoring, and overall commitment to our customers is second to none. We invite you to try Family Care medical alert service in your home for 30 days and find out why seniors and health care professionals from coast to coast choose us as the best medical alert provider in the nation.

Compare Medical Alerts.



Family Care Medical Alarms for Seniors.
Long Term Commitment Required 1-3 Years Locked Into Legal Contract  Cancel Any Time –
No Commitment, No Contract
Equipment Cost $0-$300 Non-Refundable Provided FREE of Charge
Shipping Fees YES Shipping is always FREE
Refunds Unused Months NO Refunds 100% Refunded
Charges Activation Fees YES NO
EMD Certified Operators SOME YES
CSAA Certified Call Centers SOME YES
30-Day No Risk Trial SOME YES
Replacement Warranty SOME YES – Includes FREE Shipping
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